The objective of the Avon Little League is to instill in our children the concept of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage, team spirit and respect for authority so that they may become good citizens who contribute to improving our society.

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Fall Baseball

Avon Little League is exploring opportunities for players ages 12-15 for Fall of 2019.

For older players (Little League 8 - 11), our Fall program is designed to appeal to two groups of players. 



This group will travel to and host other towns in the Greater Hartford area. The competition level is very strong and the kids should plan to make a strong commitment to the team. In addition to two games each weekend (occasionally on Friday nights), you should expect to practice at least one time per week.
The pool of players is any 2019 Little League 9, 10, and 11 year old. All 8 year olds must play In House. Travel Baseball is first come, first serve via registration date. Each team will carry 12 kids. If the league has an odd number, we will form a waiting list up to the weekend prior to Labor Day.   The coaches will conduct a draft and the teams will be of equal ability. In recent years, we have had a 9 year old only team. That will be dependent on the number of kids who sign up.
All teams play from Labor Day weekend through the last weekend in October.
Fall Travel Baseball is a unique opportunity to see other towns and represent Avon. 
In House Kid Pitch
This level of play is competitive, but does not travel. Kids (Little League 8, 9, 10 and 11 years old) who played machine pitch through major league in the Spring are eligible. Teams will be disbursed equally by age and ability. There is not a tryout or draft. 
Teams will play a minimum of eight games. All games will be on the weekend after 2pm at Sperry Park.   There will be an occasional Friday night game. Teams generally practice prior to the game and the league will host three clinics teaching the basic fundamentals of the game.
Although this league is competitive, the primary focus is on honing fundamentals and having fun. This is a good place for the multi-sport athlete, kids testing an interest in baseball, and kids who want to gain more experience going into next Spring.

 For younger players (Little League 5, 6 and 7 years old), we offer Machine Pitch, Coach Pitch and T-Ball.
Machine Pitch
This level of play is designed to prepare a child who played coach pitch this past Spring for competitive baseball. 2012 Little League 7 year olds are eligible. This level features the use of a pitching machine rather than a 'coach' or 'player' pitching.  Kids will play a minimum of 8 games. All games are at Sperry Park. 
Coach Pitch and T-Ball
These two levels are perfect for kids who desire to get their first taste of baseball and learn the fundamentals of the game. Games will be on weekends giving our youngest players a chance to meet new friends, have fun, and begin to understand the game of baseball.

For questions regarding Fall Baseball, please contact .